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Peter Herzog, I born in 1943 in Coburg Germany. I came to the United States in 1952.  Being an Army Brat, I’ve lived in many places. I’m a Vietnam Veteran (all of 1968) with PTSD. I moved to Montana in 1969 and lived there in Billings until 1999, at which time moved to the Seattle, WA area to be the controller of a mechanical insulation company until Feb. 2011.  


About thirteen years ago I received a black and white portrait for Christmas of my nephew of his younger brother and that is what got me started in photography. With that one picture, I felt a connection with the black and white image.  I knew at that instant, that I wanted to be a photographer and capture images that will allow me to freeze those moments and feelings in time.


Photography is all about the subject, composition and light.  In addition to all of that, I want my images to convey emotion.  The world we live in is not a perfect place and some of my images will show that. I try and tell it like it is through my photography.  That being said, I also want to bring out the beauty that we find in nature.  The great feeling we get when looking at a majestic landscape, a bright and colorful sunset in the Southwest, the blue-green ocean waves crashing into rocky shores, puppies, kittens and babies.


A lot of us look at the world around us through rose-colored glasses and only see what we want to see. Hopefully through my images, people will get a chance to see and feel the world the way it really is.


Photography is my therapy in a sense, I can go out in the morning and the next thing I know it’s afternoon.  Time just seems to fly.


My favorite saying is “Talk is cheap it costs money to buy Whiskey”.


Yellowstone Art Museum

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